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Don Crace

Don Crace, President of Crace, Inc. has been promoting Dale Carnegie Training for the Aerospace Industry since 2002 and training for 34 years.  He has instructed thousands of professionals in the Dale Carnegie Course and is recognized as one of the top producers in production and instruction in the world for Dale Carnegie Training.  Developing communication skills in highly technical individuals and allowing them the opportunity to develop new skills has been the key focus and has been met with amazing success. Since 2002, thousands of Puget Sound aerospace industry employees have enjoyed the benefits of Dale Carnegie programs. Professionally, they have increased their productivity and overall effectiveness on the job. It's no wonder there is a disproportionate percentage of Dale Carnegie graduates who receive promotions and raises. Personally, graduates are living happier, more satisfied lives focusing on being more intentional and deliberate outside of work.

Robin Brodsky

Robin Brodsky



As a Consultant for Dale Carnegie, Robin Brodsky works with the aerospace industry to further their Dale Carnegie experience to reach their goals, enhance relationships, inspire through enthusiasm and gain willing cooperation. Dale Carnegie Training allows individuals the opportunity to develop necessary skill sets to reach their maximum potential. By taking creativity, passion and the drive to help people reach their desired outcomes enables us to empower individuals and organizations to see major breakthroughs!

Robin Brodsky brings 8 years as a Consultant for Dale Carnegie and years of business experience with a bachelor degree from the University of Portland. In today's professional world we are all looking for ways to separate ourselves and excel to the next level Robin brings passion, direction and encouragement to do so.