Results from Dale Carnegie Graduates

Since 2002, thousands of aerospace industry employees in the Puget Sound have increased their productivity and overall effectiveness both personally and professional. It’s no wonder there is a disproportionate percentage of Dale Carnegie graduates that receive promotions and raises. Read the results categorized by Dale Carnegie’s 5 Drivers of Success.

The 5 Drivers of Success

Self Confidence

"The company has gained an employee who has a positive attitude about what they do. As a result, I’m more productive and motivated to come to work and perform a wide variety of tasks, even those that are out of my comfort zone. This positive attitude is also contagious and spreads to others. Therefore, the company has not only gained one motivated individual but has instead gained a whole team of motivated individuals. When an individual or team is more motivated, they are also more productive. Our team goes above and beyond what is expected."
- Project Management Specialist

"I can now speak with confidence and passion at senior level meetings and within my own team. Taking this course has allowed me to fast track my goals to become a manager and I’m rapidly on course to achieve those goals. Greater clarity and depth in the presentations I perform, resulting in faster decision making and greater team productivity. In just my team alone, this has resulted in significant savings with the lost hours and understanding critical data."
- Design Engineer

"Taking on a Subject Matter Expert (SME) role for a tool that has been implemented across the whole organization, my confidence and guidance expressed through this leadership role has increased efficiency in the organization by eliminating excess time and cost in creating and distributing our formal communication to other organizations."
- Primary Flight Control Systems

"My customers have become more receptive to my approach to them. My own group sees me more as someone with a leadership position or someone with a responsibility role. So I am now being sought out as an, dare I say, expert or someone with knowledge, in what I do."
- Manufacturing Planner


Effective Communications

"As a result of better and more efficient information flow, I have reduced the number and frequency of my customer meetings by 50%. In addition, my customers are receiving better, clearer and more relevant information, resulting in faster decision making and greater productivity."
- Business/Financial Analyst

"This course has helped me to be more decisive in what is said and more concise."
- Project Management Specialist

“I spend my time working on solutions to problems instead of becoming one of the barriers in solving the problem. This has helped to make me more efficient by 20% which translates into direct cost savings for the company as they are getting more from me while I am at work."
- Industrial Engineer


People Skills

"People that take the Dale Carnegie Course set an example for everyone else in the company. They show that you can live a happier life by having more enthusiasm for everything that you do. I have built stronger working relationships with people I work with, which helps things get done faster and with better quality."
- Product Review Engineer

"My progress has been so rapid in the past six weeks that I suddenly find myself in “The Most Wanted” list of our group, of course for good reasons."
- Engineer

"My commitment to actively build healthy working relationships improves team morale and productivity, giving the company a workforce eager to accept greater challenges and responsibility. This type of work force also attracts like minded individuals, giving the company an even greater competitive advantage."
- Structural Design Engineer

"I have been given the gift of a new set of eyes to see with which to see the world and those around me. I usually have an internal voice that is shouting in my head when other people are talking. I learned to be more succinct, and meander less. As a result, I am being trusted and welcomed by my peers. I have to say, this was a fantastic class."
- PP&C, Basic Scheduling



"One of management’s key responsibilities is to improve productivity. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through improving morale of the employees. Motivated enthusiastic employees, can achieve set goals and objectives as long as management gives honest sincere appreciation and recognize people for what they do. No dollar figure could put a price on this, but in time it will have a huge impact on the work we do and the people we keep."
- Manager

"My coworkers and manager have seen a new focus and drive fueled by the desire to inspire, influence, and lead people to different ways of thinking, interacting, and communicating."
- Structural Analysis Engineer

"I acquired a new crew to manage. With my first crew we had a rocky start and I am certain it was due in part to ineffective communication of what I expected and what role I wanted to play for them as my employees. With this new crew, I exercised principles I learned in class and was able to communicate not only what I was looking for from them, but was able to spawn honest and open discussion of what my crew expected of me as their leader. I have been able to effectively garner their buy-in on the direction we wanted to head as an organization by communicating the benefits of our goals to them as individuals and as a team."
- Manager

"I was able to resolve a rejection tag hours before it was due while answering questions from other team members, the result contributes to keeping airplane production schedule on track and potentially save the company millions of dollars in penalty."
- Electrical Design Engineer


Worry & Stress

"By reducing my stress level, it has transcended to the crew. We communicate better and concentration levels are increasing and it shows in our quality. The crew reduced defects and our overall quality has improved 40% in 2009. Sharing the principles of this training with the crew is promoting good feedback on needed changes. Work sequence has been changed on several work packages resulting in fewer travelers down line. Reduction of 23 traveled jobs per airplane in 2009."
- Team Leader

"I am breaking old patterns and destroying limiting briefs. I am developing new communication skills and generating more passion for my work assignments with increased enthusiasm. I have reduced my stress level, and become a person who takes decisive and intelligent action. I have more confidence and self esteem."
- E&M Process and Tool Finance

"This 12 week Dale Carnegie Course training has provided me with a heightened sense of purpose and focus to the work I perform, and the goals I pursue in my personal life. My company has benefited through the reduced stress, greater concentration and more enjoyment from my work has added at least 20% more productivity to my day ultimately adding thousands of dollars to the company bottom line."
- Avionics Design Engineer

"This class has truly changed the way I live day to day from the moment I wake up and say 'it is going to be a great day' to the moment I go to bed saying 'can’t wait until tomorrow it is going to be great!' I never used to say nor think these things. I was so full of worry, I truly over analyzed every aspect of my life; career, family, relationships, money and even death. I originally signed up for this course to gain the confidence to give a presentation to Senior Leadership Team at work. I had been leading in the development of an Employee Rotation Program for awhile through was delegating all the presenting to my co-lead. I really wanted to gain the confidence to just stand before these managers and present what I had been working so hard on. I was stuck in the fear of presenting I felt I was holding myself back in career growth. By session five, I had not only presented to the SLT my Rotation Program proposals, I presented five more times that week. This same week many changes happened for me, I was promoted to a new job and took over leadership of the Everett Airframe Peer Council. The tools I learned in this course guided me to with confidence in taking the risk."
- Administration Assistant

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