5 Success Drivers
  • Having a greater belief in myself and my abilities
  • Willing to express my opinions and ideas
  • Communicating more assertively
  • Being more decisive in making decisions
  • Speaking more effectively one-on-one and in groups
  • Being more clear and concise
  • Selling my ideas with more enthusiasm and persuasion
  • Being a better listener – more attentive and sensitive
People Skills
People Skills
  • Demonstrating a genuine interest in others and their ideas
  • Looking for and expressing positives rather than negatives
  • Being able to disagree in an agreeable way
  • Remembering people's names
  • Motivating and inspiring people (leading versus driving)
  • Being recognized as enthusiastic, open and approachable
  • Demonstrating flexibility and adaptability
  • Obtaining willing cooperation from others
Worry and Stress
Reduce Worry and Stress
  • Managing excessive stress and tension
  • Willingness to take on more challenges and risks
  • Demonstrating a more balanced life
  • Displaying more flexibility, less rigidity
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