Krista Lewis Instructor

Nikki Kloeppel 206.459.1131

Entertainment and Devices, Corporate (HR, Finance, LCA), Windows, Online Services, Research and Technical Strategy

Nikki Kloeppel has over 7 years of experience in consulting, educating and training business professionals. She currently serves as a consultant and trainer for Microsoft responsible for developing and rejuvenating over 1500 Microsoft Dale Carnegie graduates. In her role, Nikki is responsible for allowing individuals and groups to build stronger teams, increase trust, manage conflict, and communicate effectively. This role allows her to incorporate passion and skills that impact real changes in the way people think and perform. Nikki’s style is interactive, humorous and high energy keeping people engaged. She has a proven track record in achieving true performance shifts and return on investments.

Nikki is Dale Carnegie certified to deliver the Dale Carnegie Course®, High Impact Presentations and customized seminars.

Before joining Dale Carnegie, Nikki owned a small business providing special event support. Previously, she worked in hospitality and special events. Nikki graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and minor in Psychology.


Krista Lewis Instructor

Holly Briscoe 425.681.4499

Microsoft Business Division, Server and Tools, Operations and Sales

Holly Briscoe is a professional in the area of consulting, employee development and training. She supports organizations in facilitating change and uses a blend of accelerated learning techniques as she teaches employees to lead, supervise, build teams, manage conflict, communicate effectively, make presentations, assert themselves and create winning customer service.

Currently, Holly is a consultant, working closely with the Microsoft Business Division, Server and Tools, and Sales and Marketing Divisions, identifying and determining their training needs. Her responsibilities include creating and teaching professional development programs for current and future leaders at Microsoft.

Holly graduated from the University of Portland with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and minor in Business.

Jim Eckhoudt

Jim Eeckhoudt is an avocational trainer for Crace, Inc. the licensed sponsor of
Dale Carnegie Training® in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Jim has been a certified
trainer since 1986 in the Dale Carnegie Course, High Impact Presentations &
Leadership Training for Managers. Jim has taught thousands of people and received
very high ratings for his ability to communicate information and motivate responses.
Jim is a Senior Attorney at Satterberg Healy & Eeckhoudt and has been practicing
Law since 1974. As a Real Estate Attorney he brings extensive experience including
representation of Real Estate Firms, Construction Companies & Escrow Offices. His
expertise includes negotiating tactics and techniques.
Jim graduated with Honors from Seattle University with a Bachelor of Arts in
Philosophy and from Gonzaga University with a Juris Doctorate.
Jim lives in the Seattle area and enjoys traveling, spending time with his children and

Leighton Smith

Leighton Smith is an avocational trainer for Crace, Inc. the licensed sponsor of
Dale Carnegie Training® in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Leighton is certified in
both High Impact Presentations and The Dale Carnegie Course, and has trained both
Microsoft and public classes since 2005. His passion is helping people to grow and
stretch themselves through the building of confidence, communications, and people skills.
Fulltime, Leighton is a communications professional in the areas of finance and
technology. He has been in the IT industry 22 years, with three years at Unisys
Corporation, three years at Telecom New Zealand, and the last 16 years at Microsoft
Corporation in various marketing, business, finance, and communications roles. He is
currently Director of Internal Communications for the Chief Financial Officer, and also
a member of the Microsoft Investor Relations team.

Leighton’s education includes a Bachelor of Engineering from The University of Auckland
(New Zealand), a Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) from Massey University
(New Zealand), and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification from the
Institute of Management Accountants, Inc.

Leighton is married with four children and lives in Redmond, WA. He enjoys
snowboarding, traveling, movies and music, and spending time with his family.