Results from Dale Carnegie Graduates

Over 5,000 Microsoft employees have participated in Dale Carnegie programs, and they tell us these tools have helped them be more successful, influence effectively, gain visibility, and get higher review and MSPoll scores. Professionally, they have increased their productivity and overall effectiveness on the job. It’s no wonder there is a high percentage of Dale Carnegie graduates who receive promotions and awards such as HAKA, Goldstar, and Circle of Excellence. Personally, graduates are living happier, more satisfied lives by being more intentional outside of work too. Read more about the results and benefits you may experience with Dale Carnegie programs.

The 5 Drivers of Success

Self Confidence

“By every measure this was a phenomenal success, with 80% of participants strongly agreeing this course made a direct impact on their professional development and 90% reporting they are more likely now to stay at Microsoft and pursue additional opportunities as a result of this course.”
– Finance Executive

“I wish someone had told me earlier in my career that head down to work hard will only get you to a certain place. Leadership, diplomacy and soft skills are what distinguish you from others. Dale Carnegie Training helped me to think and act differently. I continue to apply the skills and principles every day at work and home. This enables a high performance team and a happier family!”
– Director, E&D Strategic Sourcing

“Better attitude=more motivation=higher quality and quantity of work.  I have increased my productivity at work due to a better attitude.  I estimate that this increase in my work has increased my productivity by 10% a year.”

“Dale Carnegie has allowed me to increase my confidence.  I used to remain quiet in meetings, but now I speak up and offer my ideas and suggestions.  This ultimately saves my team time and helps us be more productive, saving my team about 100 hours a year in nonproductive meetings.”


Effective Communications

"In the past 12 weeks, I have learned more useful tools to be successful on my career that I have ever learned in all my years on the field and in college combine. This class has really helped me to better communicate my thoughts and to earn people to my way of thinking by virtues of becoming a better listener and presenting information on the context of what is important to my audience. I have recently applied this learning during my interaction with the AAFES project group and as a result I was able to secure another project with the World Wide Retail group that represents a potential savings opportunity of $2MM."
– Sr. Procurement Manager, Marketing Procurement

"If you want to lead the communication, influence others or want to increase your comfort zone, please apply the Dale Carnegie’s principles. You will see more confidence when collaboration efforts are needed and easily establish the framework that can lead effective communication. In addition, you will see the way to develop a mental attitude that brings more peace, freedom and happiness."
– Procurement Professional

“With Dale Carnegie skills, I get to the points of agreement faster.  This helps me deal with issues that may keep my product from shipping and has increased my productivity by 70%.”
– Program Manager

“This is the only corporate training I’ve ever taken that helps good performers become significantly better. This helped us win the Cross Group Collaboration award.   This is a yearly award the sales group gives to a product or marketing manager from the product group. “
– Group Product Manager


People Skills

"My manager mentioned he noticed I seem more confident in leading meetings and speaking in front of others since I took the class. Some other tools this course has given me, is how to deal with difficult people more efficiently, being able to build and maintain better relationships, and the ability to influence others.”
– Finance Manager

“I was able to help my business partner to reduce the level of capital expenditure by nearly $200 Million from the earlier estimates, by developing a better demand forecast. It was by maintaining a non-confrontational and collaborative attitude, that I could systematically refine our collective thinking around this issue. This course has provided me with several tools in interpersonal effectiveness that helped me navigate successfully through such business issues.”
– Business Analyst Manager

"I got great ROI by applying the Dale Carnegie principle to deal with difficult people, build better relationships. By doing so, I established the trust between me and the business partners. I can now get the results in minutes through IM or email instead of days trying to get people face to face to help them understand what I need. I also add more value to my business partner because I understand their business better and can offer better solutions to their requests."
– Finance Manager

“Shortly after beginning the Dale Carnegie program, I began receiving feedback that I was becoming easier to work with by dealing with disagreements more effectively, which made meetings more efficient, with less time wasted.  This single benefit has helped me be about 15% more effective at work.”



“Strong leadership, great listening skills, advocate for the team to senior leadership and business partners, inspires others to do their best work. I credit many of these positive comments to the Dale Carnegie training.”
– Sr. P&L Controller for Windows

"This course provided me with a sturdy toolbox that contains the tools and techniques that I can use in the areas of Thought Leadership, Impact and Influence, Conflict Resolution and Stress Management. While I can’t accurately quantify the benefits, I can say that I am a better manager with a renewed focus on driving results and growing people. Recently, I have received a number of feedbacks from IT /Business partners and coworkers about the positive influence and direction that I bring to the projects and the people around me. As the demand and scope of the Finance SD team grows, I am confident that I can rely on my tool box to help lead the organization to many successes!"
– Business Process Analyst

“Through the leadership skills that I learned in Dale Carnegie, I’m better able to appreciate the achievements of team members.  I think in terms of the other person’s interest and show how current work challenges are opportunities for them.  I estimate that I’ve increased the productivity of my team by 4%, and that’s a conservative estimate. “
– Senior Test Lead

"The principles of communication and collaboration helped move a CSG team under the appropriate business, which will save my BG $212K a year in Contingent Staff expense. Saved 15% of my time managing the 3 CSGs."
– Financial Analysis and Controls

“I recently got 100% on my manager feedback scores. Thanks Dale Carnegie techniques.”
– Senior Developer Lead


Reduce Worry & Stress

"I was able to keep my focus under pressure and adjust actions as necessary during month end close. I maintained positive cross group relationships that will enable me to streamline the close process more in the next year. I managed to still finish 11 hours prior to SLA. I also kept the support staff alerted and on task, while maintaining trust in the process."
– Business Process Manager

"My ROI is working with difficult people more efficiently and being able to build and maintain better relationships, such as more productive conference calls due to a much better relationship and ability to persuade them on a beneficial business direction. I have also improved how to manage stress and deal with the heavy workload since I was not as friendly or happy."
– Procurement Professional

"At first I thought the course was just about interpersonal communication skills, but actually it is much more than that, it brings changes to our professional and personal lives. The training sessions provided us a better analysis about how we are interacting with our colleagues, how we are managing our stress, how we can get motivation to have things done no matter what… all the important things that help us to be a better person, and consequently, a better leader to Microsoft!"
– Financial Auditor

“Facing an unpredictable future, my team needs to focus on the tasks at hand to keep on schedule.  I’ve used what I learned in Dale Carnegie to keep my team feeling important and valuable so that they can be at their best.  Without that, there might be 30-50% lost productivity.”
– Principal Test Lead

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